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madden screenshotThis is an interesting post about testing the “reality” of video games:

After running numerous computer v. computer matchups in Madden football (at various coaching settings), statistical averages from the video games were compared to real NFL averages.  For example, total points were 4.4% lower in the computer games; there were 11.3% fewer interceptions, but 10.4% more fumbles.  Based on his analysis, the author concludes that the game-play is not realistic enough.

The majority of the post is actually a rant about the abundance of advertising in this particular video game.  By that measure, I’d say the game is very realistic.

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Ahmed Gouda · October 15, 2010 at 5:17 pm

The thing about computer players, is that they act absolutely nothing like the real thing from my experience. They read your character’s moves not based on what they see, but based on what you input from your controls. Being good at the football games sort of becomes based on whether you know which strategies will be too quick to react to even for a computer. At that point its a matter of alternating between maybe 3 plays for the entire game. And when it comes to playing defense, most players just let the computer do it nowadays, because it just becomes irritating to stop the computer’s moves at some point when a computer can do it more efficiently.

Not really saying these games are bad. In fact, they’re really fun with friends. They would probably do well to find a way to make the computer’s act more like humans. Looking at it purely mathematically though, they are pretty realistic though.

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