Baseball Geometry

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After producing the third-lowest home run total in the National League, the New York Mets are altering the dimensions of their home park, Citi Field.

Only 108 home runs were hit at Citi in 2011.  The reconfigured outfield, from left to right, will have new distances from home plate of 335, 358, 385, 408, 398, 375, and 330 feet.   The old distances were 335, 371, 384, 408, 415, 378, and 330.

The Mets claim that this reduces the in-play surface by 2 percent.  The area of play more than 300 feet from home plate will be reduced by 5 percent.

Comparing the areas of these regions is a fun little math problem.  The real question, of course, is how many more home runs will be hit at Citi Field next year?

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