Remote Learning — Week 3

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The end of week 3 of remote learning in NYC brought news that schools will not reopen during the 2019-20 school year. This is by no means shocking — perhaps only the timing is a surprise — but it’s still a remarkable decision.

This announcement probably marks the end of the honeymoon period of remote learning for students and teachers. If the novelty of zoom meetings and recorded lectures hasn’t warn off yet, looking ahead to 10 more weeks of classes-at-a-distance could be a potent dose of reality.

The cancellation of the Regents exams offer another set of challenges. While an understandable decision, the tests serve as summative assessments in many high school courses. How will students respond knowing there’s no longer a Regents exam to pass to earn credit for a course? How will teachers and schools adjust to the loss of their courses’ final exams? Every week of emergency remote learning brings much to think about.

I’m hoping the structures I’ve put in place and the relationships I’ve built with my students can carry us to the end of the year. I’ll make sure students get what they need out of my courses and are prepared for next year, but I’ll also use our time together to get creative and do some fun extra-curricular work. The end of the year is a good time to try new things, even if the entire enterprise is an experiment!

We have a long way to go. And even doing our best, we’ll still have the fallout of a million disrupted educations to reckon with in September. One crisis at a time.

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