Remote Learning — Week 1

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The COVID-19 pandemic closed New York City schools down two weeks ago. After a week of preparation, we officially transitioned to remote learning on March 23rd. Having just completed our first week, I asked for feedback from my students. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

In the thread that follows the above tweet, I share some things students say are working for them. One of those is flexible scheduling: All of the required work is asynchronous, which allows students to figure out for themselves the best time to get work done. A recurring sentiment in the feedback is the value of learning at my own pace:

“I could actually take my time to comprehend the lesson plan on my own pace.”

“That I could do work mostly when I felt like it, instead of being stuck to doing it between 8:45 and 10:15.”

“I was able to finish all my work in my own time without having to catch up to anyone in class”

“There are times I get stuck on a math problem and I would just put it aside and have it at the back of my mind while I do something else and come back to it at a later time.”

A lot will have changed by the time the coronavirus has passed. As we start our journey into remote learning, I wonder how my teaching will change. It seems I’ll have plenty to think about.

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