Remote Learning

Emergency Remote Learning Journal

In the spring of 2020 I kept a weekly journal during emergency Remote Learning in New York City, documenting what I thought about and struggled with. Here are the posts.

Week 14 — And So it Ends

Week 13 — Why It’s Hard to Think About Education

Week 12 — End of Year Assessments

Week 11 — Suggestions from Students

Week 10 — A Simple and Flexible Structure for Collaboration

Week 9 — Repurposing Peer Review

Week 8 — “Why I’m Learning More with Distance Learning Than I Do in School”

Week 7 — One Thing I’ll Miss From Remote Learning

Week 6 — Assessment in Remote Learning

Week 5 — Recapturing What’s Missing

Week 4 — Some Thoughts on Making Videos

Week 3 — The Honeymoon is Over

Week 2 — Recreating the Experience vs. Recreating the Workflow

Week 1 — What are the Students Saying?

For more, check out my Teaching 2020 page.


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