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Workshop — Learning to Love Row Reduction

I’m running a workshop for teachers tonight titled Learning to Love Row Reduction.

If a math teacher has done anything with matrices, they’ve probably row-reduced one. Row reduction is often experienced as mindless symbol manipulation, but in fact it is an incredible and surprising process that is deeply connected to the fundamental ideas of linear algebra. A little row reduction takes you a very long way! My goal in this workshop is to show teachers just how far it can take us.

This is part of an ongoing series of workshops I’m running on Linear Algebra, that have their origins in the tremendous amount I’m learning by teaching this course at the high school level. I’ll be offering the workshop through Math for America, where I’ve given talks and offered workshops on linear algebra, computing, and many other topics.

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Workshop — The Geometry of Linear Algebra

I’m running a workshop for math teachers tonight titled The Geometry of Linear Algebra. We’ll take a purely geometric approaching to developing the important properties of linear transformations and explore how those properties connect to fundamental notions of linear algebra like vectors, matrix multiplication, and change of basis.

The workshop is part of the ongoing learning that’s happening as a result of teaching linear algebra at the high school level. I’ve taught linear algebra many times, but only in recent years did the course start making sense to me as a whole. The key, as it has been so often in my teaching career, was to see it as a geometry course.

I’ll be offering the workshop through Math for America, where I’ve given talks and offered workshops on linear algebra, geometry, and many other topics.

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Workshop — It’s All Linear Algebra

Tonight I’ll be running my workshop “It’s All Linear Algebra” for teachers at Math for America.

This workshop is designed to show teachers how the big ideas of linear algebra — linear combinations, vectors, systems, dependence — are present in all the courses in the middle school and high school curriculum. Making these connections can help enrich the teaching of these topics in earlier courses, create threads that connect ideas throughout the sequence, and preview what lies ahead in more advanced courses.

This workshop is based on my experience teaching linear algebra in high schools for the past 10 years. After a short break I’m teaching it again this year, and I’m having a blast revisiting the ideas with a fresh perspective.

I’ve been learning a lot this year and I’m excited to share my experiences, and some great math, with teachers in this workshop.

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Workshop — Bringing Modern Math into the Classroom

This Thursday I’ll be running my workshop “Bringing Modern Math into the Classroom” for teachers at Math for America.

In this webinar participants will engage with mathematics at the edge of our understanding. We’ll look at examples of math that’s being invented and discovered right now, and see how it connects to what is happening in classrooms.

We’ll play games, explore patterns, and make conjectures in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The goal is for participants to leave not only with a better understanding of how school math and research math are connected, but how to better communicate that connection to students.

This workshop is based on the work I’ve done in my Quantized Academy column for Quanta Magazine. I’ve run similar workshops in past years, and I recently gave a talk on this topic at the NCTM 2020 Virtual Conference. But this week’s workshop is all new, and I’m looking forward to bringing some new ideas and new math to play around with!

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MfA Workshop – A Crash Course in Geogebra

Today I’ll be facilitating “A Crash Course in Geogebra” as part of Math for America‘s summer professional development series.

In response to the challenges and uncertainty of the upcoming school year, MfA teachers have been sharing ideas and expertise with the community this summer. My experiences using Geogebra during NYC’s emergency remote learning led me to develop this workshop.

Geogebra is an invaluable tool for doing mathematics under normal circumstances, but its versatility as a mathematics environment, a demonstration tool, and an assessment platform is even more important in this era of remote and hybrid learning. In addition to reviewing the basics of Geogebra in the webinar, I’ll also share specific classroom strategies and student project ideas for implementation in either face-to-face or remote/hybrid learning.

As I said recently, I can’t imagine teaching geometry remotely without Geogebra. And while I can imagine teaching geometry face-to-face without it, I wouldn’t want to!

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