Workshop — The Geometry of Linear Algebra

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I’m running a workshop for math teachers tonight titled The Geometry of Linear Algebra. We’ll take a purely geometric approaching to developing the important properties of linear transformations and explore how those properties connect to fundamental notions of linear algebra like vectors, matrix multiplication, and change of basis.

The workshop is part of the ongoing learning that’s happening as a result of teaching linear algebra at the high school level. I’ve taught linear algebra many times, but only in recent years did the course start making sense to me as a whole. The key, as it has been so often in my teaching career, was to see it as a geometry course.

I’ll be offering the workshop through Math for America, where I’ve given talks and offered workshops on linear algebra, geometry, and many other topics.

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Donny Brusca · November 9, 2022 at 9:42 am

Is there a way for folks like me, who are not in Math for America, to be able to access videos of these workshops? I’m a retired math teacher and author of high school math books.

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