Remote Learning — Week 11

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Throughout Emergency Remote Learning I’ve been making changes to try to better serve my students. Regular surveys on what’s working and what’s not have helped me adjust my approach, and they also created opportunities for students to make their own suggestions. Not surprisingly, some of the simplest and most useful changes I’ve made have been proposed by students. For example:

  • A student looking for more structured opportunities to interact with me suggested adding an optional question field to the daily attendance form. Students visit this form first thing each day, so it’s a great place to ask them if they need any any kind of assistance or clarification. I’ve been consistently fielding great questions ever since.

  • A student was struggling managing assignments on multiple platforms (like Google classroom, Delta Math, AP Classroom, etc) so suggested I create a Google classroom assignment for everything they had to do, even if it wasn’t to be submitted on Google classroom. This helped centralize their organizational burden.

  • Another student asked for a weekly plan on Mondays so they had a better idea of what to expect from the week, both in terms of content and workload. This has been a popular addition to their workflow.

  • In response to an end-of-year assignment to build a Geogebra demonstration, a student asked for a video walking them through exactly what I was looking for. Several students have already remarked that this was very helpful for completing that project.

Listening to students is a critical part of effective teaching, and tapping into their experiences and expertise during Emergency Remote Learning has definitely helped me do a better job. As their End-of-Year surveys come in, I’m hoping they can help me out one last time, as I start to think about what Remote Learning from Day 1 might look like next year.

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