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As part of its mission, Math for America creates and supports interesting and diverse math learning opportunities for both teachers and students.  A recent workshop led by George Hart, Chief Content Director of the forthcoming Museum of Mathematics, did just that, inviting a group of math-enthusiasts on an adventure through the worlds of geometry, engineering, and sculpture.

Inspired by Escher’s Planaria, Professor Hart designed and manufactured a linkage-system that can be used to build a face-centered cubic lattice.  After assembling the pieces, the participants in the workshop were encouraged to build away!

It’s probably only natural that we became consumed with building something tall.  And as we did, conversations arose about the role of symmetry in nature, as stability and strength in our structure seemed to demand it.

A fun, engaging, and mind-opening exploration of geometry, and much more!  You can see more photos from this workshop on my facebook page and Professor Hart’s website.

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