Poor Metrocard Management

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As one who prides himself on his quantitative reasoning abilities, I am embarrassed at how poorly I manage my Metrocard.

Ever since I switched from buying unlimited cards every month to purchasing cash cards as needed, I’ve been having serious problems.  I really don’t plan ahead, so I’m usually in a rush when I discover that my current card has run out.  When this happens, I’ll just quickly buy a new card with $50 on it, without thinking through the quantitative consequences.

A single ride costs $2.25.  In addition, there is a Bonus system in place where you get additional credit for putting money on your card.  It’s obviously too complicated for me to work out, because I keep ending up with cards that have less than $2 on them.

There are three of them in my wallet right now.

The value of my current card actually ends in $0.10.  I honestly have no idea how that happened.

I guess it’s time for me to review my own post about maximizing Metrocard management.

patrick honner

Math teacher in Brooklyn, New York


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