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I love scrutinizing menus.  It appeals to me both as a math person and as someone with a long history of food-service employment.

Typically, my favorite menu deconstruction activity is finding inconsistent pricing among the menu items:  for example, there are numerous different prices for the value meal upgrade on this Wendy’s menu.  On the other hand, this Five Guys’ menu is remarkable for its pricing consistency.

So on a recent Spirit Airlines flight, I grabbed the on-board menu and took a look.  Apart from the price-gouging that has become commonplace nowadays (including a $3 charge for water), the menu was relatively uninteresting until I got to the Value Meals.

Spirit Menu

Conveniently, this Spirit menu shows you exactly how much you save with each Value Meal purchase.  While verifying that the numbers were accurate, I noticed something peculiar:  three of the four Best Deal Values Meals were entirely comprised of alcohol!

Spirit Close Up

I personally don’t consider 3 beers to be a meal, but maybe this is all part of Spirit’s unconventional business model.

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