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Last spring was probably the strangest semester of my 20+ year teaching career. Second on that list is this fall semester, which just ended.

This week felt like the end of the term. Stress could be felt everywhere: from students in classes, colleagues in meetings, administrators in emails. It’s always a mad dash at the end of the term, but every struggle is amplified now.

I always try to structure my courses so students don’t have much work due during the final week. I know other teachers are piling it on to make deadlines and cover curriculum, so a normal week in at least one class can be a relief. That seemed especially important this year. An unusual number of students came late to class during finals week, and there were a few extra cameras turned off. I hope it’s the kind of temporary stress that fades quickly.

One of the best parts of the job of teaching is the constant renewal. New years and new semesters mean new starts for everyone. And looking forward to a new start is an appropriate theme for this week, both inside and outside of school.

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