Workshop — Bringing Modern Math into the Classroom

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This Thursday I’ll be running my workshop “Bringing Modern Math into the Classroom” for teachers at Math for America.

In this webinar participants will engage with mathematics at the edge of our understanding. We’ll look at examples of math that’s being invented and discovered right now, and see how it connects to what is happening in classrooms.

We’ll play games, explore patterns, and make conjectures in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The goal is for participants to leave not only with a better understanding of how school math and research math are connected, but how to better communicate that connection to students.

This workshop is based on the work I’ve done in my Quantized Academy column for Quanta Magazine. I’ve run similar workshops in past years, and I recently gave a talk on this topic at the NCTM 2020 Virtual Conference. But this week’s workshop is all new, and I’m looking forward to bringing some new ideas and new math to play around with!

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