The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020

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A piece I wrote last year was selected for The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020, published by Princeton University Press. It’s an incredible and quite unexpected honor.

I have known about this for several months, but I was still a bit shocked to see this:

I’ve been writing about math and teaching for years, but I never dreamed of being included in a collection of “The Best Writing on Mathematics” alongside writers like Steven Strogatz, Erica Klarreich, and John Carlos Baez.

I’m grateful to the editor, Mircea Pitici, for selecting “On Your Mark, Get Set, Multiply” for the collection, and to everyone at Quanta Magazine, where the piece was originally published. I am very fortunate to write for Quanta, where I have incredible writers to learn from and an editor, Quanta’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Thomas Lin, who has invested a great deal of time and effort into helping me become a better writer.

You can learn more about Princeton University Press’s The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020 here.

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