Below are selected pieces on teaching and learning. I also write a column for Quanta Magazine, contribute to the New York Times Learning Network, and authored a test prep book for Barrons / Kaplan. See my personal Writing page for more details.


There’s More to Math Than Drills – What’s considered important in math teaching?

Teachers and Students Deserve More Than Pity – Why do teachers have to beg for resources?

The Underlying Problem With the New York State Regents Exams – A summary of years of critically reviewing high stakes tests

My PAEMST Story – My experience leading up to the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

In Praise of Memorizing Algorithms – It’s not always bad to memorize things

The Value of Vaguery, and Trying New Things – Thoughts on open-endedness in math teaching

Apple Pies are Delicious – A cautionary tale of relying too much on rote memorization

Thanks, James – A visit from a former student highlights the complicate nature of building relationships through teaching

When Does Teaching Cease to Be a Challenge? – On the infinite challenges of teaching


What Will They Be Doing? – How I start planning every lesson

What Makes a Great Teacher? – A quick answer to a deep question

Math at the Deli Counter – The grocery store is always a mathematical adventure

Well, No One’s Complained – The imbalance of power between teacher and student

A Soccer Masterclass – What you can learn from a kids soccer class

Did No One Care About Seth Godin? – It’s easy to blame teachers when you don’t get it

Is Mathematics Unnatural? – Inspired by a conversation with Fields Medalist Cedric Villani

The Perils of Teacher Blogging – What can happen when students read your blog

Clark Kent is a Superhero – A triumph of student over teacher

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