MfA Workshop – A Crash Course in Geogebra

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Today I’ll be facilitating “A Crash Course in Geogebra” as part of Math for America‘s summer professional development series.

In response to the challenges and uncertainty of the upcoming school year, MfA teachers have been sharing ideas and expertise with the community this summer. My experiences using Geogebra during NYC’s emergency remote learning led me to develop this workshop.

Geogebra is an invaluable tool for doing mathematics under normal circumstances, but its versatility as a mathematics environment, a demonstration tool, and an assessment platform is even more important in this era of remote and hybrid learning. In addition to reviewing the basics of Geogebra in the webinar, I’ll also share specific classroom strategies and student project ideas for implementation in either face-to-face or remote/hybrid learning.

As I said recently, I can’t imagine teaching geometry remotely without Geogebra. And while I can imagine teaching geometry face-to-face without it, I wouldn’t want to!

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