Career Advice for the Mathematics Student

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There is a great set of videos from that focus on mathematics in industry.  The videos speak to strong math students who have questions about finding careers that utilize their mathematical abilities.

The speakers are employers and recent graduates working in technical fields, and they offer a lot of clear, thoughtful advice.

The “Why are ‘Soft Skills’ Important?” segment is particularly great to see:  the speakers all stress how communcation, writing, presenting, and teamwork skills are crucial to success in technical fields.  In addition, the “Why are Maths Graduates Sought After?” segment really highlights what is fundamentally important in mathematics:  problem solving skills, thinking creatively, and the ability to break complex ideas down into simpler ones.  These skills are prized in every field and industry.

The best advice I saw throughout the videos is to start thinking early about what really interests you and explore all the options you can.  There’s more to math than just teaching and banking!

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