Paul the Octopus, 2008-2010

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octopus2_1675213cPaul the Octopus, whose prognosticating skills captured the imaginations of World Cup viewers everywhere, died this week at the age of 2.5.  He died of natural causes.

Paul defied probability by correctly predicting the results of all of Germany’s seven World Cup matches.  After making it through the tournament with a perfect record–during which he received death threats and had a stamp printed in his honor–Paul retired from predicting.   Rediscovering his British roots, Paul was appointed an official ambassador for England’s 2018 World Cup bid, a post he held until his untimely demise.

Apparently there have been many copy-cats, so to speak, including “a saltwater crocodile named Dirty Harry, who predicted Spain’s World Cup final win and called the result of Australia’s general election by snatching a chicken carcass dangling beneath a caricature of Prime Minister Julia Gillard”.  But Paul will always have a special place in our hearts.

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