More Triangle Appreciation

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It’s been a great week for special triangles.

Six days ago was a rare Equilateral Triangle day, four days ago we appreciated the 10-12-10 triangle, and today, 10/16/10, gives us another triangle to admire.

It’s actually very closely related to the 10-12-10 triangle, which we saw is just two right triangles pasted together.

10-16-10 Triangle 1

Just cut along the dotted altitude:

10-16-10 Triangle 2

Now rotate the two pieces:

10-16-10 Triangle 3

Stick them back together along their common side of length 6:

10-16-10 Triangle 4

Now flip, and voila!  Another triangle made by gluing two congruent right triangles together!

10-16-10 Triangle 5

I’m running out of good triangles, so we may not appreciate another until December 10th.

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