Math Haiku: Geometry Class

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I personally enjoy writing, and as a math teacher I love getting my students writing about math.

One of my favorite writing assignments for students is math-themed haiku.  The rigid constraints of haiku make it an easy exercise, it allows students to access and interact with mathematical ideas in a different and creative way, and the elegance and efficiency of the for evoke the character of mathematics itself.

Here are some selections from this year’s Geometry class.  Enjoy!

We are both equal

We look exactly the same

We are congruent

Postulates assumed

Leading to certain theorems

Web of proof and math

Three lines have converged

Meeting at a single point

They are concurrent

Scalene triangles

Angles are dissimilar

Sides are unalike


A simple explanation

For congruent things

Math is easy now

Calculators do all the work

Sit back and relax

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