Writing in Math Class

I make writing a part of all of my mathematics courses.  Writing gives students another way to engage with mathematics, and it gives me another way to engage with my students.  Furthermore, writing is an essential personal and professional skill, and writing about mathematics is an excellent way to develop that talent.

Here are some resources related to how I get students writing in math class.  I will continue to update this page as I add content, so be sure to check back!

The Write Angle for Teaching Math:  Why Write in Math Class?

The Write Angle for Teaching Math:  How to Get Students Writing in Math Class

The Write Angle for Teaching Math:  Keys to Success

[The above three articles are adapted from a piece I wrote for the Celebration of Teaching and Learning‘s Edblog.]

Sample Math Research Projects — Some simple ideas for getting students exploring math research.

Writing in Math Class:  Peer Review — Some student reflections on the importance of peer review in the writing process.

Reflections:  Students in Math Class — I’m always impressed with the written reflections students produce on their experiences, mathematical and otherwise.

Math Haiku — Some selected math-themed haiku from students.

Math Haiku: Geometry Class — Some selected geometry-themed haiku from students.

Favorite Shape — Some student responses to a fun, simple writing prompt.

Storytelling, Teaching, and Mathematics — tips for structuring stories that sound a lot like strategies for mathematical problem solving.



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