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I greatly enjoyed being a part of Shecky Rieman’s  interview series at Math-Frolic!

Shecky asked a number of thoughtful questions which were fun for me to ponder and respond to, including questions about my take on the “Is Algebra Necessary?” debate and my series of posts on the quality of New York State Regents exams.

There series also includes interviews with other interesting figures in math and math education, like James Grime, John Golden, and Sol Lederman.

Thanks to Shecky for putting together such a nice series!

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Shecky R · November 8, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Thank YOU, and all the others, who’ve been willing to take part. When I first sent out inquiries I assumed I’d get back a lot of “sorry I don’t have time for it” replies. So it’s been GREAT to see that so many math enthusiasts are eager and willing to share their love for the subject (and a bit about themselves) in a simple Q & A format!

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