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I’m excited to be visiting Queen’s College on Tuesday to speak to students in QC’s TIME 2000 program. TIME 2000 prepares future teachers by having cohorts of undergraduates study math and education together. The program also puts on a great conference that shares the fun and beauty of math with high school students.

I’ve participated in the conference several times, but on Tuesday I’ll be speaking at the TIME 2000 Spring Seminar series. In Making Math by Design I’ll talk about the decisions that teachers make, and the consequences of those decisions, when we design and implement mathematical tasks for our students. I’m looking forward to doing some math together and having a good conversation about it afterward.

It’s been several years since I’ve visited Queen’s College, and I’m excited to be heading back, especially since this talk was originally scheduled for 2020 and was my first in-person talk cancelled by the pandemic! Let’s hope nothing else happens before Tuesday.

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