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I was at school twice this week: First to proctor the SAT, then on my rotation day (The school is required to have a certain number of teachers in the building every day, so available staff rotates through the responsibility.)

It was nice to be around students, even if it was just proctoring an exam with nine kids in a room, or walking around the cafeteria, smiling and saying hi as they worked on their laptops.

There was an especially nice moment at the end of the day. About twenty 9th graders gathered in the halls after the final bell rang. They were talking, laughing, making plans, looking at their phones. Apart from the masks, it all seemed so normal. Like a time not too long ago, or a time not too far in the future.

I have been moved by the resilience of students throughout my career. When the world disappoints them, they figure out how to move forward. When I disappoint them, they give me another chance. I often find strength in their strength.

Students have suffered greatly this past year. I’ve seen it. I’m seeing it. But I’ve also seen their resilience. It will carry them. And maybe us, too.

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