Coding Math at a Distance — #NCTM100

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I’m excited to be co-presenting “Coding Math at a Distance” this week as part of NCTM’s 100 Days of Professional Learning webinar series.

I’ll be working with Mike Larson and Ashley Goetz, the teachers who co-founded, and our webinar focuses on simple ways teachers can use computer science to enrich math learning. Mike, Ashley, and I have all been involved in this work for many years, and we’re excited to share both big ideas and classroom-ready resources for teachers.

We’ll pay particular attention to the ways in which integrating CS and math makes sense for remote and hybrid learning environments. We know teachers are looking for new approaches to engagement, assessment, and collaboration in this era of remote learning, and integrated math and CS projects offer lots of exciting opportunities, for both teachers and students.

The webinar is free and part of NCTM’s centennial celebration. You can find out more, and register, here. You can also access resources from our session: Our takeaway document; a Scratch studio that includes code examples; and a set of function-based extension projects.

UPDATE: The full webinar has been posted on the NCTM website.

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