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On Tuesday, October 8th, I’ll be hosting a webinar for the Global Math Department, a volunteer organization run by math teachers for math teachers. The Global Math Department produces weekly webinars and newsletters that share what math teachers around the world are doing in and out of the classroom.

I’ll be hosting “A Computational Approach to Functions”, my latest talk at the intersection of mathematics and computer science education. Here’s the description:

Looking for a new approach to teaching domain and range? Or an opportunity for students to use their crossover computer science skills? Taking a computational approach to functions allows for the rigorous development of all the fundamental concepts in an active and creative way, while at the same time offering endless opportunities to extend deeper into both mathematics and computer science. If you teach about functions—and what math teacher doesn’t?—you will leave with something new to think about for your math classroom.

The webinar is free and will run from 9 – 10 pm, and a recording will be available after the fact for those unable to attend live. You can find out more information, and register, here.

UPDATE: The full video of the webinar has been posted here.


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