NCTM Annual — 2019

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I’m excited to head to San Diego next month for the 2019 NCTM Annual Meeting, the largest gathering of math educators in the country.

This is the third year in a row I’ll be presenting at NCTM, and I’ll be giving two talks. On Friday at 4:30 pm it’s “The Problem with Pentagons” (Session 560), my talk on the recently completed classification of plane tilings. This is modern mathematics with direct classroom connections–it’s a great way to show students that math is alive and always evolving. This is a talk I’ve given several times before, and is based in part on my column for Quanta magazine.

On Saturday at 9:45 am I’ll be co-facilitating the workshop “Assessing Mathematical Reasoning Through Engaging Group Tasks” (Session 636) with my colleague Andrew Wille. This presentation is based on work Andrew and I have been doing that emphasizes rigor, collaboration, and engagement in the math classroom. We’ll share some innovative approaches to task design and assessment, and talk about an overall framework for evaluating mathematical reasoning. This is a new presentation for us both: The response to our recent workshop with Math for America teachers was fantastic, so we are looking forward to bringing it to NCTM.

If you will be at NCTM San Diego, please keep the above presentations in mind as you plan your conference. And as in the past, I’m grateful to Math for America for providing financial support to make professional trips like this possible.

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