MfA Workshop — Exploring Modern Discoveries in Mathematics and Science

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This week I will be co-facilitating a workshop for teachers, “Exploring Modern Discoveries in Mathematics and Science”, with Thomas Lin, editor-in-chief of Quanta Magazine. We will be running the workshop for a group of Math for America math and science teachers at the MfA offices.

In our workshop we’ll look at ways to connect students and teachers with modern science research and discoveries. We’ll focus on resources from Quanta Magazine, including recent reporting on advances in mathematics, biology, and computer science, as well as some of my Quantized Academy columns.

I’m excited to be working with Tom, who in addition to being the founding editor of Quanta, is also a former teacher. Tom’s desire to make the amazing work being done by Quanta’s journalists and writers more accessible to teachers and students led to the development of my Quantized Academy column last year.

Be sure to check out Quanta Magazine, and you can find my Quantized Academy articles here.

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