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In November, I was honored to deliver the teacher keynote at Math for America’s annual Fall Function. Together with Giselle George-Gilkes, we spoke to over 1,600 teachers and guests about the many ways MfA has impacted us and our careers.

I’ve been a Math for America Master Teacher for the past 12 years, and it’s difficult to communicate the breadth and depth of the impact the organization and its community of 1,000 math and science teachers has had on me. I’ve had unique opportunities to learn, lead, and build relationships within New York City and across the country, all in the service of becoming a better teacher and leader.

Here is an excerpt from my speech:

I’ve dedicated myself to both leading and learning as a math teacher. And this community helps prepare me for those challenges every step of the way. This community makes me feel like a professional. A difference maker. And it makes me feel like I always have more to offer, both in and out of the classroom.

You can watch the video of the keynote at MfA’s YouTube page:

And you can find edited version of our speech, “Making Our Mark”, at MfA’s Teacher Voices blog.

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