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100Kin10I’m excited to be joining 100kin10 for their STEM Grand Challenges launch today in New York City.

Founded in 2011, the mission of 100kin10 is to recruit, train, and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers in 10 years.  To that end, they lead a coalition of nearly 300 public and private-sector organizations committed to supporting STEM education in the US.

Over the past two years, 100kin10 has been working to identify the key systemic problems in STEM education.  Today’s STEM Grand Challenges launch maps out the interconnected landscape of those problems and issues a series of challenges that address the problems identified as most pivotal among the network.

At the event, I’ll be speaking about my personal and professional experiences with some of the grand challenges, and I’m looking forward to hearing from a variety of different perspectives on how we can best improve STEM education.

You can learn more about 100kin10 here.

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ihor Charischak · July 13, 2017 at 9:26 am

I thought you would be interested in my blog post re math education and STEM. President Larson feels math education IS STEM education. I disagree.

    MrHonner · July 14, 2017 at 8:08 pm


    I saw your post a few days ago. You and Matt seem to be at odds over technical definitions of what STEM education and how it is implemented. I really only use the term in a general sense, so I don’t really feel inclined to weigh in. Though it does seem to me that ignoring the integration of disciplines somewhat misses the point of talking about them collectively.

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