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CS in NYCI’ll be participating in a panel discussion on Computer Science education in New York City on Monday, April 18th.  The event will be hosted by Math for America at the Simons Foundation, and is open to the public.

There are many new initiatives promoting the teaching of computer science in K-12 classrooms here in NYC and across the country.  Like many ambitious educational programs, these initiatives often create more questions than answers.

For example, who will teach the newly proposed computer science courses?  Where will the technological infrastructure come from?  And perhaps, more fundamentally, what do we mean when we say computer science?

The purpose of the event is to provide a variety of perspectives on what computer science teaching currently looks like in New York City.  After the moderated panel discussion, there will be a number of informal conversations about issues in computer science education facilitated by MfA teachers.

For my part, I’ll be talking about the mathematical computing course I’ve been developing over the past few years, and how my personal and professional experiences working with technology shape the ways I think about computer science, and how to teach it.

You can learn more about the event, including how to register, here.

UPDATE:  A recap of the event has been posted at the Math for America blog here.


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