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pih mt^2 2014 3-001I am excited to be hosting Math for America’s Master Teachers on Teaching (MT^2) event this December 10th  at the Gerald D. Fischbaum auditorium.

MT^2 is an evening of short talks from MfA Master Teachers that are meant to inspire and challenge the MfA community.  And it is a showcase of the passion and talent of that community, which now numbers nearly 1,000 teachers of math and science in New York City.

This will be the 4th annual MT^2, and the theme is Equality / Inequality.  The evening’s lineup features eight talks from middle and high school math and science teachers offering a variety of different interpretations on the theme.

I have given talks in each of the first three MT^2’s:  first, on the bad habits students learn from standardized tests; then on my relationship with change; and last year, about how to turn technology’s failures into teachable moments.  While I enjoy the challenge of presenting, I am honored to be hosting this year’s event, and I look forward to an evening of great ideas.

And Math for America hopes to live-stream the event, so stay tuned!


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