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NYMC LogoI’ll be giving a Math and Dinner talk for the New York Math Circle on Monday, August 4.  Math and Dinner starts with some interesting mathematics at NYU’s Courant Institute, and after the talk the conversation continues over dinner at a nearby restaurant.  The series provides a fun and casual way for NYMC participants to chat about mathematics, teaching, and learning.

My talk is titled An Array of Matrix Explorations.  Here is the description.

The world of matrices is rich and diverse, connecting ideas across disparate disciplines and extending familiar mathematical notions into unfamiliar territory. In this talk, participants will explore some common concepts in the high school curriculum–algebra, geometry, and trigonometry–through the mathematics of matrices, where their depth and connections can be seen in exciting ways.

The talk is free, but participants pay their own way for dinner.  You can find out more about the series, and register, here.

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