MathMatters! at TEDxNYED

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mathmatters at tedxnyedI am very proud of my students, Ahmed and Jason, who presented their peer-to-peer math enrichment program MathMatters! at this year’s TEDxNYED conference.

Ahmed and Jason created a program where NYC high school students travel to middle schools and run workshops on advanced and extra-curricular mathematics.  Their goal is to spread the beauty and fun of mathematics to younger students.

Ahmed and Jason put together a team of 20 high school students to develop and deliver fun and engaging lessons on Number Theory, Game Theory, Graph Theory, and many other topics.  And although they are graduating this year, Ahmed and Jason have ensured that MathMatters! will live on by training the next generation of student-leaders.  They also hope to continue to grow the program while at college.

You can learn more about their program MathMatters! here,  and you can watch their full TEDx talk here.


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