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Math Art: Student Sliceforms

As a project in my Calculus course, students built sliceforms.  Some of them turned out quite beautifully!

Sliceforms highlight the way we can use two-dimensional cross-sections to understand and represent surfaces in three dimensions.

You can see more examples of student sliceforms here, on my Facebook page.


  1. Sam Shah says:

    These are beautiful! I’m having my kids do this in my multivariable calculus class (as we are talking about level curves, and each piece is just a slice in the x and y directions)…

    I am wondering when you do this in your calculus class? What calculus skills/concepts does this tie up to?


    • MrHonner says:

      These sliceforms were created by one of my multivariable students. As you point out, they are great for reinforcing level curves and traces. It’s also a nice way to see how objects of different dimensions interact.

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