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Is Steven Strogatz Writing Regents Exam Questions?

When I saw this question on the 2015 Common Core Geometry Regents exam, I couldn’t help but think of mathematician and author Steven Strogatz.

2015 CC GEO 23

Strogatz wrote a popular series on math in the New York Times, and in his piece “Take it to the Limit“, he shares a beautiful and intuitive derivation of the formula for the area of a circle.  That technique involves slicing the circle up into sectors and re-arranging them into a shape that approximates a rectangle.

Circle with many slices

I’m certain his piece inspired this question (which I like), just as it inspired me when I was cutting up my homemade pizza!

Pizza Rectangle

Maybe we can add test prep to the long list of reasons to be reading Steve’s work!


  1. Ben says:

    It also reminds me of the treatment of area in AoPS pre algebra. I’m not sure which came first.

  2. Dan Asimov says:

    This argument is essentially what was used by Archimedes with 96-gons inscribed and circumscribed about a circle to get the approximation 22/7 < π < 223/71.

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