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Math Photo: Surprising Heptagon

Surprising Septagon

It took several hundred encounters with this park bench before I realized it was a heptagon!  I don’t see many regular, seven-sided figures in my experience, which made this a surprising discovery.  I wonder what prompted this design choice.

Septagon Angle

Like most real-world instances of perfect geometric objects, it doesn’t exactly measure up.  But what’s a few degrees between n-gons?





  1. Theron Hitchman says:

    that is unusual, and cool!

  2. My sister is an interior designer and partner at an architect firm. I’ll have to share this with her and ask if she’s ever seen (or designed) something like this.

    It might inspire her to do more like it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. amy zimmer says:

    Very cool! Thanks for letting us know about it! AZ

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