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2013 PAEMST Finalist

[UPDATE: I was awarded the PAEMST!  Read about it here.]

I am proud and excited to announce that I am a finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)!

The PAEMST is a national award given annually to at most two teachers from each state in the US.  The awards alternate each year between K-6 teachers and 7-12 teachers.

I have been named a finalist for New York state, along with three other mathematics teachers.  Decisions at the national level will be made later this year, and the award carries with it a Presidential Certificate and a trip to Washington, D.C. for meetings and professional development.

It is a great honor to be named a finalist.  The application process was intense and comprehensive, but it was a worthy professional experience, and I’m glad that the selection panel saw the value in my work.  I also know two of the other finalists from New York and have great respect for them, so I know our state will be well-represented.

You can read the announcement at the New York State Education website, and find out more about the PAEMST here.


  1. chris harrow says:

    Well done, Patrick. The PAEMST is a phenomenal award & enriching professional experience. Your work and leadership are clearly worthy of this recognition. Congrats!

  2. Theron Hitchman says:


  3. Fawn Nguyen says:

    Richly deserved, Patrick. Congratulations on this wonderful recognition.

  4. That’s excellent news – congratulations!

  5. MrHonner says:

    Thank you both, Fawn and Evan!

  6. Josh Rosen says:

    Hello Patrick-

    I just came across your website-
    I really enjoyed what you wrote about writing in the Math Classroom-

    Good luck with the PAEMST award (I won 2012 K-6 from NY State)!

    Best Josh Rosen

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