Regents Recap — June 2017

Below is a collection of posts analyzing the June 2017 New York State Math Regents exams.

The purpose of these analyses is to bring critical attention to the quality and utility of these standardized exams, which play an increasingly substantial role in today’s educational environment.

But, as the role of standardized tests continues to grow in the evaluation of students, teachers, schools, and districts, one question rarely gets asked:  ”Are these tests any good?”

Regents Recap — June 2017: More Mathematical Misunderstanding

Regents Recap — June 2017: Trouble with Dilations (and Logic)

Regents Recap — June 2017: When Side-Side-Angle is Enough

Regents Recap — June 2017: Consistency and Precision

Regents Recap — June 2017: The Underlying Problem with the New York State Regents Exams

Regents Recap — June 2017: Three Students Solve a Math Problem

Regents Recap — June 2017: More Trouble with Statistics

Regents Recap — June 2017: Assessing Irrationality


Gary Rubinstein has also written several critiques of the June, 2017 Regents exams:

What Happened to the Math Regents?

Part I        Part II         Part III


And David Wees ranted in a tweetstorm about the Common Core Algebra exam here.


For more Regents Recaps, click here.


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