My Favorite Theorem

It was an honor to appear on the latest episode of My Favorite Theorem, the podcast hosted by mathematicians Evelyn Lamb and Kevin Knudson.

Evelyn and Kevin invite mathematicians to talk about their favorite theorem, and I chose Varignon’s theorem: I love sharing and exploring this theorem with students because it’s so each to start playing around with and it constantly defies expectations and intuitions!

To find out more, you can listen to the podcast at Evelyn’s Scientific American blog or download it from iTunes. You can also find a full transcript of our conversation at Kevin’s website.

I had such a blast talking about mathematics and teaching! Many thanks to Evelyn and Kevin for having me, and for putting on such an excellent podcast. I’ve been introduced to a lot of great people and math through My Favorite Theorem. I highly recommend it, and you can catch up on all the episodes here.

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Mashable: In Defense of Math

mashable artI had fun contributing to this Mashable piece, “In Defense of Math:  7 Reasons Numbers Rule“.

I, and a few other Math for America master teachers, were asked to pitch some ideas for a light-hearted refutation of the all-too-common “I hate Math!” refrain.

A couple of my ideas made it in, and I doubt it’s hard to figure out which were mine.  In any event, it should be easy to identify a couple that definitely weren’t mine.

A bit goofy, but all in good fun!

Math for America Facebook Profile

MfA FB ProfileMath for America is an outstanding professional organization that focuses on training and retaining high quality math and science teachers.  MfA is running an ongoing series of profiles on Facebook on members of their community, and I am proud to be one of the subjects.

One of the best aspects of being a part of the MfA community is the depth and variety of opportunities for real professional growth.  Here’s a quote from my interview:

“You can always find something that interests you, that will align with what you’re doing, or that will challenge you to think differently about what you’re doing.  It’s always thoughtful, it’s always real, and it’s always a great experience.

You can see the entire profile here.

Math for America has been active in reshaping the mathematics education community in New York City for the past 12 years, and now operates in several cities nationwide.  MfA also serves as a model for state Master Teacher programs, which are emerging across the country.  It has had a substantial impact on my career, and the career of many colleagues, and I’m proud to be an active part of the community.


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