NCTM 2017

Here are some selected resources from my talk “Making Math in Scratch” from the 2017 NCTM Annual Meeting.

Scratch and Algebra

Basic Function Example

[Math and Scratch — Welcome Activity]

Functions as Lists

Basic Graphing Calculator

Scratch and Geometry

Similar Polygons

Koch Curve

For more Geometry, see Dan Anderson’s Geometry from Scratch presentation at the 2016 NCTM Annual Meeting.

Scratch and Simulation

Falling Objects

1D Random Walk with Falling Histogram

Basic 2D Random Walk


You can find more examples at my NCTM 2017 Scratch Studio.

The book Mindstorms, by Seymour Papert, lays the philosophical groundwork for teaching mathematics through programming in LOGO, the progenitor of Scratch.  The book is freely available at the MIT website here.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions.  And please let me know if you end up trying Scratch out in your math classroom!


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