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Have you ever looked closely at your cactus and wondered is it infinitely self simliar?  Or asked a shopkeeper why scallion cream cheese costs 150% more than plain cream cheese?  Or marvelled at how basic algebra can be used to circumvent the NHL salary cap?  Or assigned an impossible extra credit problem only to be surprised by the results?

Well, I have.  And now, instead of talking to myself about it on the subway, I blog about it here, at

Mr Honner is Patrick Honner.  I teach math in New York City, at Brooklyn Technical High School.

Math research is an instructional focus of mine, and to that end I offer these observations and questions.  My hope is that they will, in turn, lead to better observations and questions.

In addition, I try to celebrate the beauty and ubiquity of mathematics, which is a part of everything we do.

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