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Math Photo: Hotel Hexagons

Hexagonal Hotel Art

I like the multiple takes on hexagons here, both in size and orientation.  Not bad for random hotel wall art!  This was in Cambridge, though, so maybe that explains it.

Math Photo: Rectangular Disarray

Rectangular Disarray

A new favorite building, on the West side.  The strategic use and placement of non-congruent rectangles produces a pleasing result.


Math Photo: Tetradecagon


Playgrounds offer a seemingly endless supply of interesting mathematical apparatuses.  I was rewarded on this particular day, seeing a regular tetradecagon for the first time ever.

Math Photo: Stealth Cone


This cone sits in front of the engine of the SR 71 Blackbird, a retired long-range reconnaissance aircraft.  Apparently this “spike” retracts into the plane at high speeds, to favorably alter the plane’s aerodynamic properties.

The Most Mathematical Subway Stop in the World?

Mathematical Subway Stop

Next stop, Perpendicular?