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Math Haiku

There are many reasons I personally love to write, and as a math teacher, I love getting my students writing about math.

One easy way to do this is to have students write math-themed haiku.  It’s a simple exercise, it gets students thinking about math in a different way, and the elegance and efficiency of the style is reminiscent of mathematics itself!

So enjoy some math-themed haiku from my Calculus students.

Solving math problems

Getting lost along the way.

You’re on the right track.


Must always seek out patterns

To make connections. 

Limit of a curve.

Tangent at infinity.

Straight line asymptote.

Triangles are shapes

They have sharp, pointy edges

Don’t let them poke you.

Got a good math haiku?  Let’s hear it!

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  1. Once Euler looked out
    at seven bridges to cross.
    “Can’t be done,” he said.

  2. Anonymous Student says:

    See math everywhere
    Welcome to Room 5N6
    Home to Math Majors

    Write five seven five
    Hopefully you have noticed
    Each of these is prime

    I liked the haiku about Euler and the seven bridges problem, very original.

  3. Cheri Smexi says:

    Math is easy now
    calculators do the work
    sit back and relax.

  4. Timothy Ree says:

    A good haiku hides
    the math in the imagery . . .
    waves toward the shore

    for example, two,
    three gulls hovering above . . .
    you, floating below.

  5. UMD Math says:

    math applied creates
    today’s society
    but PhD calls

  6. Mike Lawler says:

    Take as a given
    That the statement in the haiku below
    is false.

    Please also accept
    That the statement in the haiku above
    is true.

  7. Amy W. says:

    I am a math professor at University of Alaska, and I am also working on an MFA in creative writing. For one of my MFA projects, I am working on editing and self-publishing a book of math haikus. Would it be alright if I included “Triangles are shapes / They have sharp, pointy edges / Don’t let them poke you.” from above? If so, what name should I credit?

  8. Mao Ru says:

    Algebra is cool
    Precalculus is awesome
    Geometry sucks

  9. Amy W says:

    Mao Ru: May I include your haiku in my book?

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