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Student Work: Curvefitting With Geogebra

Here is some student work from a recent project I conducted on fitting curves to images in Geogebra.  The details of the assignment can be found here, and more examples of student work can be seen on my Facebook page.

Students were asked to find pictures and use Geogebra to fit trigonometric curves to the images using transformations. Here are some of the results.

Smart Water = Smart Curves


My Good-Looking Windowsill


Sine of Camel Humps


Overall, I was really impressed with the creativity the students showed, and their facility with fitting these curves to the forms!  A mathematical and artistic success in my book.

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  1. David Wees says:

    A fun extension to this kind of project is to have the kids create their own drawing of something (like a robot for example, or a flower) and have them curve fit to their own work. Nice project!

  2. MrHonner says:

    That’s a great idea. Maybe even do a 1-point perspective drawing, and then use Geogebra to put in the lines.

    I’ve actually had some kids use piecewise curves to do crazy stuff like write out their own names in functions graphs.

  3. Fawn Nguyen says:

    Pretty! Am at middle school, only have linear and quadratics, some exponential, but we can still do this. Love it, thanks!

  4. Love it! Thanks. I do a similar activity with sliders for each parameter. It works for all kinds of functions, to introduce or summarize a topic. Here are a few:

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