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Math Photo: Solid Family

My niece and I were playing around with Magnaformers and we had just enough to create this family of geometric solids.

Solid Family -- 1

My niece argued that the figures should be ordered from smallest to biggest.  Unimpressed by my argument that they were ordered smallest to biggest, if you considered the number of sides of each figure, she insisted on reordering them and we took another photo.

Solid Family -- 2

For someone who claims not to like math, my niece sure does enjoy playing around with mathematical ideas!

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  1. Linda says:

    What did your nephew think of the “ordering”.??

  2. MrHonner says:

    He was not around to weigh in on the matter. I think that, after careful consideration, he would have decided to smash the solids to pieces, thereby creating his own chaotic ordering!

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