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siam-ed16I’m excited to be heading to Philadelphia this weekend for the SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education (SIAM ED16).

I’ll be presenting on the work I do with mathematical simulation in Scratch, and I’m really looking forward to the variety of talks on bringing applied mathematics and computing into classrooms.  In particular, I’m excited to hear Maria Hernandez from NCSSM talk about how to teach modeling and Gil Strang from MIT talk about the teaching of Linear Algebra.

You can learn more at the conference website, and see the full conference schedule here.

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9/25/16 — Happy Pythagorean Square Day!

Happy Pythagorean Perfect Square Day!


We’ve had a lot of fun dates this year:  several Geometric Mean Days, several Square Days, and even a Power of 2 Day!  But I’m pretty sure that the numbers of dates all being perfect squares and satisfying the Pythagorean Theorem is the rarest of them all!

Math Photo: A Dodecagon of Octagons


I’d never looked closely at the Parachute Jump in Coney Island, but recently noticed the octagons at each vertex of the dodecagon 250 feet up in the sky.  It really is a beautiful structure, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it deserves to be called “the Eiffel Tower of Brooklyn”.

9/12/16 — Happy Geometric Mean Day!

Happy Geometric Mean Day!  The geometric mean of two numbers and b is


which makes today a Geometric Mean Day!


A consequence of this is that the numbers in today’s date form a geometric progression

9 *\frac{4}{3} = 12 and 12 * \frac{4}{3} = 16

and here is one way to visualize that relationship



Math Photo: Hotel Hexagons

Hexagonal Hotel Art

I like the multiple takes on hexagons here, both in size and orientation.  Not bad for random hotel wall art!  This was in Cambridge, though, so maybe that explains it.